Best Unknown Holiday Destinations for Next Summer

Getting away in the summer is an opportunity many are eager to seize. If you’re a family, the kids are off school and you’ve taken some much-needed time off work. If you’re a solo traveller, the weather’s good and people everywhere are in the holiday mood, so travelling overseas becomes even more of an experience. For such trips, people normally choose Spain, Southern France, Italy, America… but the world is so massive and the options so plentiful. We here at CPR have therefore drawn up a list of the most under-attended holiday locales, and why you should think about going there for your summer holiday:

1.       Iceland. Yes, the whole country.

Iceland is a small country with a very small population. For the British, the thought of trudging through the snow to a glacial peak when they could be lying on their front in Majorca like a leathery solar panel is anathema. But to the group of friends looking to get away for a relaxing and natural break, Iceland is definitely the place. Most of its snows thaw in summer, and the landscape beneath is breath-taking. Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon are somewhat touristy in summer, so we recommend exploring the entirety of the country, preferably via the huge Ring Road that offers a round trip. A road trip around Iceland is sure to be a picturesque Nordic delight.

2.       Split, Croatia

What Iceland lacks in exciting hustle and bustle, Split makes up for in spades. It balances traditional European culture with modern city trappings, with heaps of restaurants, bars and shops to choose from. The sun’s shining year-round here, bathing coastal mountains in light as tourists relax by the cerulean waters. When the sun goes down in the evening, the city comes alive, with restaurants and clubs playing host to locals and tourists alike. The suburbs are less captivating, and somewhat residential, but the city centre is just a nice place to spend a week.

3.       Meteora site, near Kalambaka, Greece

Go here if you want history and stunning views. Here is located one of the largest and most significant complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece. Monasteries rest on natural sandstone columns, surrounded by plains, rivers and mountains. The nearest town, Kalambaka, was voted one of Greece’s most beautiful locations in a Greek poll, where the landscape flattens for the compact town, loomed over by great chunks of rock. The town has a long and incredible history, so go here if you love views and anything Greek, ancient or otherwise.

4.        Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu, Philippines

This isn’t your stereotypical tourist-y resort. There will be fellow tourists, for sure, but a few weeks here will be very relaxing. Kawasan Falls is one of many attractions here, nestled in a palmy forest where canyoning tours bring you along the Matutinao river to see a secluded canyon and the three-layered waterfall itself. Private beaches are available more centrally, as well as opportunities for snorkelling and diving. Water gardens and golf are the fare here, making this trip a classic beach holiday without the stress of crowds and mass tourism.

5.       Caen, France

No, not Southern France- the North has a lot to offer holidaymakers too. Caen is a richly cultural place, tracing many of its buildings back to the reign of William the Conqueror, who is interred there, and is the largest city in Lower Normandy (making its role in World War II quite a sizeable one). Like many French and German cities, it has rebuilt huge swathes of its buildings, making it an amalgam of old and new builds. It has a small-town vibe, with winding streets and omnipresent cobblestone, and delivers on every French ideal one might have. Don’t go thinking the huge presence of abbeys, churches, castles and memorials here might make it a sleepy city; there are bustling markets that take place all around the city, as well as incredible cuisine served at hundreds of busy restaurants.

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