Lack of Industry Qualifications

Surprisingly, in the UK, working for an estate agency demands no formal qualification/real estate license. Globally, however, this is not the case. In the US, for example, employees have to sit an exam before being able to sell a house in order to become a licensed realtor. The same is the case in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

We believe that the UK’s lack of qualification requirement is of detriment to the industry. Too many residential property agents just don’t understand the law, and consequently give the industry and other agents a bad name. The sale of someone’s biggest and arguably most important asset is far too important to be dealt with by someone unqualified. If agents had concrete qualifications, they would be far more trusted and respected.

Buyers and sellers should be able to have faith in their estate agent. After all, if surveyors and property lawyers are expected to have qualifications and/or a license, why not estate agents?

We here at Collins Property Recruitment (CPR) have also encountered some deceitful job seekers over the years, noticing that they’ve embellished their working history in order to appear a more impressive candidate. Clearly, with the reluctance of reference-giving exacerbating this, there needs to be an independent body tracking estate agents’ work history using their license number - much like the DVLA tells a car hire firm if you do or do not have endorsements. A potential employer could simply phone up and read off the candidate’s number to get a full, verified list of employment history that outlines dates, locations, job titles, and nothing else. 

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