Build to Rent: Tips for Aspiring candidates

Build to Rent (BTR) has become a popular sector amongst job seekers, with many candidates from traditional real estate, student accommodation, hospitality, retail (to name a few) wanting to make the transition into this field. 

Here are some top tips for candidates who are interested in exploring a career within BTR.

1.    Showcase your varied skillset

BTR is still a growing sector so a lot of companies operating in this space are made up of smaller, streamlined teams. This means that BTR roles often require versatility and the ability to handle various responsibilities. Therefore, it’s really important that candidates showcase their broad range of experience on their CV. For example, even seemingly unrelated past roles, such as a stint in a pub years ago, can be valuable, showcasing essential customer service experience.

When preparing for an interview, carefully review the job description and consider how your past experiences align with the varied requirements. You may not have experience in all of the responsibilities mentioned on the job description, but demonstrating similar examples will be a huge help.

2.    Research, research, research

Before interviewing with a BTR company, especially if you’re coming from a different sector, it’s crucial to thoroughly research the industry and familiarise yourself with the key players. Most companies will feature their BTR developments on their website, so it’s important to take the time to look at the buildings and understand their unique selling points. This will help you demonstrate genuine interest in the sector during interviews and will set you apart from other candidates.

3.    Demonstrate outstanding customer service skills

In the BTR sector, customer satisfaction is paramount. During interviews, emphasise your customer service skills and strive to come across as engaging and personable. If you are interviewing for an on-site role in particular, the ability to create positive tenant experiences will always be important to the hiring manager, so be prepared to share instances from your past where you successfully resolved a complaint or went the extra mile for a customer. If you are interviewing for a head office position, customer service is just as important as head office will have the customer experience and customer satisfaction at the heart of many of their projects.

Overall, BTR is an exciting and attractive sector that offers career growth opportunities and fast progression. Competition to secure these roles can be tough but hopefully some of these tips will increase your chances of standing out. Best of luck! 
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