Case Study: Using strong communication, understanding and partnership to fill a client vacancy in less than three weeks.

Date: November 2022

Job title: Property Administrator

Location: North London

Our business

Our purpose is to enable talent and businesses to meet and do great things together. We make this happen through an unrivalled network, a values-led, consultative approach and a hard-earned reputation as the go-to recruiter in property.

This case study is evidence that at the heart of our business is a belief in investing time and energy in understanding our clients, the market, and our candidates' character and competencies. This helps us to provide a sleek and efficient process and add value to our client. We focus on creating lasting connections and ensuring the perfect match. 

Setting the scene 

On 24th November 2022, we received an email from a client struggling to fill a vacancy. They had seen other candidates for the role, some of which had made it to second interview stage, but they were not yet close to finding the right person. They’d had other recruiters working to fill the vacancy for the past few weeks, but not specialist property recruiters.

The client contacted us for help and that is exactly what we did. Just over two weeks later they had offered a candidate the role, the candidate had accepted and now they can do great things together.

Our approach 

We took the time at the outset to understand our clients, their business and their requirements. We did not just ‘fire across as many CVs as possible’ but spent time shortlisting and pairing. We know the property recruitment market better than most and have also taken the time to get to know our candidates, their expectations and their values. This enabled us to match talent and businesses effectively and ensured we only put forward candidates who would be suitable and could add value. We truly believe it is not about the quantity of CV’s but about the quality of CV’s.

Our meticulous approach to understanding our clients and candidates helped us to ensure the process was as streamlined as possible and helped us keep our promises:

  • Our promise to our clients We find businesses the people they need for the jobs they have with the right potential to drive value.
  • Our promise to our Candidates We find individuals the jobs they need for the lifestyle they want in organisations they belong to.

Our values 

A smooth recruitment process needs strong communication between all parties, a clear understanding of the needs of the client and the candidate and for all sides to work in partnership to fill the position. This case study proves that if these three things are done well, we really can do great things and we really can create lasting connections. It is because of this that communication, understanding and partnership underpin our business and are three of our core values.

Timeline of events

  • Thursday 24th November 2022 – Client emailed vacancy and job description to us. The same day we had a full discussion with them about the role to ensure we understood their requirements, were knowledgeable about their business (we had successfully recruited for them in the past and had previously visited them at their offices) and had a plan to drive this vacancy forward.
  • Monday 28th November 2022 –Terms and conditions were sent to the client.
  • Friday 2nd December 2022 – Once the Terms and Conditions were signed, the client was introduced to our specialist Recruitment Partner whose focus would be to support them in their recruitment process. They had a full briefing call, where they delved into even more detail regarding the role, company and perfect candidate.
  • Tuesday 6th December 2022 – Our Recruitment Partner successfully shortlisted two candidates and sent across their CVs. These candidates had been specially selected based on our understanding of the client, the role and also our knowledge of what the candidate was looking for. Our client got back to us requesting to interview both candidates ASAP.
  • Wednesday 7th December 2022 – First interview took place for candidate 1.
  • Friday 9th December 2022 – Second interview took place for candidate 1. First and second interviews took place for candidate 2.
  • Friday 9th December 2022 – Candidate 1 was offered the role and verbally accepted.
  • Monday 12th December 2022 – Offer letter was sent and officially accepted by the candidate.
  • Wednesday 4th January 2023 – Candidate 1 started their new role.

Observation: Why did the client not come to us first if we had successfully recruited for them in the past?

Because…others said that they could do it for cheaper.  If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur!”

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